1.0 Introduction

In today’s modern era that covered by advancement of technology, businesses are moving forward to the new outstanding environment and want to be the leader of the industries. Certainly, the retailing institution industry is also facing the same situation. With the usage of information technology, retailers are growing hastily and creating more convenience products and services to the public. In this assignment, Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd will be the company to research as well as providing further specific details of the Tesco’s operations. The understanding of interface information of the company such as the history and products details, in this assignment, it also allows me to investigate about the information technology usage of the company. The researches about computing facilities, internet website, internet connection and the profit gains of the Tesco after introducing IT are helpful and understandable to the retailing industry.

2a. Establishment Details of Tesco Stores

Today’s Tesco
Tesco is the second largest retailing companies in the world by a market capitalization of approximately £12,281,000,000. However, based on this assignment, I chose Tesco Malaysia as one of the 14 countries that Tesco runs their retailing businesses. Tesco Malaysia is the second largest retailer in Malaysia with capital worth around $ 31.4 billion dollars, according to IGD. Besides that, it acquires 47 stores across the Peninsula country and, serving for over million customers per week with 15,000 employees. Tesco offers a wide range of products and services that includes online shopping services, delivery of goods, groceries, Tesco direct, entertainment & books, clubcard, clothing, and so on.
Tesco’s Vision & Mission
Every businesses need to have their vision & mission to run their business. Therefore, it is vital to have a clear direction. Tesco mission is to be acknowledged by their customers as the premier drilling services...

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