TESOL Diploma Essay: Module Two – Section (A)

TESOL Diploma Essay: Module Two – Section (A)

TESOL Diploma Essay: Module Two – Section (A)

Take the following story and rewrite it in as simple English as possible. Discuss the points you have difficulty with, or that you are not satisfied with. When you have done this decide the approximate ages and levels of students with whom you could use this text.

The Plate of Mangoes

One evening the king and his wife were sitting on a balcony that looks on to the River Jumna, eating mangoes. The king was sucking the juice from the mangoes and putting the skin and big seeds on a plate in front of his wife. When Birbal came in to talk about country matters, a huge stack of mango skins had piled up as the king ate one mango after another.

The king’s eyes danced playfully. 'Look Birbal, see how greedy my wife is. Look at the huge pile in front of her.'

The queen frowned, but before she could say anything Birbal said 'It must be the result of the bad company around her.'

'What do you mean?' said the king. 'Are you trying to say that I am greedy? Look, there is nothing in front of me, while there is this huge pile of skins and seeds in front of her.'

'That's what I mean,' said Birbal. 'The queen has been sucking the mangoes in the normal way, while you have ate them all with skins and seeds!'

The queen laughed, while the king, out-smarted once again, slapped his thighs at the joke and smiled softly.

1 - Points of difficulty in original text:

A - Difficult vocabulary:
B - Difficult expressions:
The emperor feasted on one mango after another.
The emperor's eyes danced with mischief.
The begum pouted in anger.
The result of the bad company her Majesty is keeping.
There is nothing before me.
Sucking the mangoes in the normal fashion.
Skin and stones not excepted.
Erupted in peals of silvery laughter.

2 - Suggested Level:

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