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Giving and receiving feedback in a distance learning environment rather than giving and receiving feedback face to face. The two share great similarities in the information delivered the methods are just relayed through different avenues.

Face to face allows visual aides to assist in the deliverance of information. For example your classmate stands in the class and presents his/her presentation. The responder can physically show the person what he or she did that was great or could have been improved upon. Most feedback is based on the visual deliverance of the presentation.

Distance Learning opens up a variety of feedback to be given. The responder needs to be able to explain any feedback given and then answer any potential questions as to why the initial response was given. Basically, explaining your explanation to provide a visual aide through words. The feedback is based on our interpretation of our classmate’s thoughts while they were being written. Distance Learning allows us to really get involved for everyone to have a chance to give a constructive feedback forever one to reference at a later date. The Face to face method doesn't offer the opportunity for us to respond in detail unless you are able to write as fast as the spoken word. Meaning, there will always be information missed or forgot before the presentation or project is done. So therefore the feedback isn’t as thorough as it would be in a distance learning environment. There will always pros and cons to everything. I’ve listed a few to give an idea.

PROS: Distance Learning CONS:
Flexibility to give and receive feedback Not getting an immediate response
ability to really get involved
going back and revisiting the information

PROS: Face to Face CONS:
Immediate response of feedback Not being able to revisit the subject in a group setting
the visual aides Not being able to get extremely detailed enough

The list could go on and on. I just feel that if it's written down...

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