Test One What's an Item

Test One What's an Item

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SHRM Splash Screen: SHRM Splash Screen Investing in Your Future as an HR Leader Research Publications Education Copyright 2005 by the SHRM Foundation All rights reserved. No part of this production may be reproduced or transmitted without permission from the SHRM Foundation.

Title Page: Title Page Featuring WAYNE CASCIO, PH.D.

SHRM Introduction: The SHRM Foundation is pleased to present Fueling the Talent Engine – Finding and Keeping High Performers, a DVD case study and discussion guide about how an integrated talent-management strategy helps to provide a competitive edge in today’s business environment. The focus of this case study is Yahoo! Inc., a leading provider of Internet tools, services, and marketing solutions for businesses in the United States and internationally. Fueling the Talent Engine – Finding and Keeping High Performers builds on the SHRM Foundation’s critically acclaimed HR Role Models and HR in Alignment videos about what it means for HR to be a strategic business leader, and how HR strategy can be aligned with general business strategy. More than 150 colleges and universities are now using these videos in their undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs. In addition, hundreds of SHRM chapters and companies are successfully using them to share the wisdom, insights, and examples of outstanding HR leaders and their practices in organizations today. SHRM Introduction

SHRM Introduction: SHRM Introduction The SHRM Foundation deeply appreciates the support of Yahoo! Inc. executives and staff who gave so generously of their time to take part in this educational DVD. We extend special thanks to Heidi Burgett and Libby Sartain from Yahoo!, to Joe Coppoletta and Carlo Gustaff, whose outstanding direction and film editing brought this DVD to life, and to Myles Throop, who prepared this discussion guide. Finally Fueling the Talent Engine - Finding and Keeping High Performers would not have happened without the inspiration,...

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