Test Plan Document

Test Plan Document

Test Plan
Grocery Store Management System

Noalani Helmandottar
Week 7

Grocery Store Management System
Test Plan

Table of Contents

Grocery Store Management System 1
Grocery Store Management System 2
1. Introduction 3
a. Document Purpose 3
b. Objectives 3
2. Project Scope 3
a. Scope of the Project 3
3. Project Resources 4
Testers 5
4. Test Strategies/Techniques 5
a. Test Design 5
5. Project Tasks/Schedule 7
6. Defect Responsibility/Resolution 7

1. Introduction
This test plan document for the Grocery Store Management System will detail the strategy behind testing for the Grocery Store Management System. This section of the test plan document will describe all of the purposes and objectives for this document.
a. Document Purpose
The purpose for this test plan document is:

i. Grocery Store Management System Requirements and critical factors that need to be tested
ii. Testing Types
iii. Testing Schedule
b. Objectives
The objectives of this Grocery Store Management System test plan document is to lay out the baseline for test thing GSMS project. We will test this system to make sure that the test plan meets the requirements that were drawn out by the customer. The testing team shall turn to this document in order to obtain guidance on all the functionality of the program to make sure that all the different functions are tested that the testing team may not know about. This document will also provide guidelines to help the testing team determine the quality of the software.
2. Project Scope
This section is to discuss the project scope of the grocery store management system. The scope is a detail of what parameters the core system must have in order to pass the quality test.
a. Scope of the Project
“Grocery Store Management System” will be tested for its full functionality on a 3 different operating systems. Each workstation that will test will have the latest version installed on the...

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