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To whom this may concern,

This is for the appeal of the discontinuation of the Child Care Assistance Program.

The letter had stated that It was discontinued because of I was not using the Services.

This Summer I choose to use The YMCA Discover Program For Summer Child Care for my daughter Naiya Trippett. I first asked Kim Lovett if that was ok and she said yes. I then Signed up Naiya with the YMCA for the camp and told them that I was using Child Care assistance and they said it was ok. I gave proper notice to National Academy who I was using for Afterschool Program. Kim sent a letter to the YMCA for me to sign to transfer the services to them for the summer. I signed the letter and Hand delivered it to 2050 Creative Dr. Ste. 106 Lexington, KY 40505. I never heard anything else from Kim or the YMCA all Summer.

The last Week of Summer Camp I first received a letter from Kim stating that My services were going to be discontinued on Aug 10 2008 for non-use. Then I went to the YMCA and they started asking me for money. I kept telling them that Child Care Assistance was supposed to pay for Naiya’s Care. They kept telling me that someone was going to call me. This went on for three days. Finally they got someone from the billing department to talk to me while I was there. I told him that I was using Child Care Assistance and he responded by telling me that they found out on Week 2 that they were not eligible for child care assistance. No one had told me all summer from the YMCA or from the Child Care assistance program.

The school year is now starting and I would like to enroll Naiya for afterschool program again. I have called and left several messages to Kim Lovett so I could explain to her what had happened and have yet to receive a response.

I guess my appeal is that I never intended to stop using the program, things just got messed up because of lack of communication from the YMCA and the Program. I do still need the services.


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