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This is just a test paper.
I really dont have a real one to submit as I am only curious about the site. . I feel even more strongly. taking with them technology that had been developed at.
filings by 20% in 2008 compared with the previous year. The trend is
expected to gain momentum under President Obama. Securities litigation fell 8% in 2008. But with financial markets and
titans collapsing at breakneck speed in the summer and fall of 2008,
securities attorneys are preparing for a wave surfers can only dream
about, and they're expecting it to last for a long time. In real estate practices, previously dominated by transactional work,
much of the legal work now stems from buyers backing out of deals, failing to come through and lenders seeking to foreclose. Intricately
structured transactions with layers of securitized financing are now
having to be unwound, and financial difficulties for real
The increase in lawsuits seen in the rest of the country is reflected at UCLA, where nearly anything - from a doctor's mistake at the medical school to the firing of an employee - can result in litigation.

"It's no different from any other part of society," said Joseph Mandel, vice chancellor of legal affairs.

Mandel estimates that about one to two lawsuits are filed per week, and suspects that the number of lawsuits against the university have increased over the years.

"There are all sorts of things that didn't exist 20 years ago," Mandel said of suits like sexual harassment and racial discrimination, which were not pursued in the past.

The cases filed against the university, like any large and complicated body, vary.

"Everything you can imagine in a city of 55,000," Mandel said. He's held the position of vice chancellor since 1991, when it was first created. It was created when then-chancellor Charles Young saw that legal matters were getting complex and needed someone in central administration to handle them....

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