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Program / Intake : BSc43

Pathway: Banking & Wealth Management / Marketing

Student Name:
1) Gan Ireng
2) Tan Hui Mian
3) Lin Jian Hong
4) Guan Xiao Chong

Student Number:
1) 12259762
2) 12259761
3) 12259950
4) 12262580
Module name:
Module code:
Mr. Patrick Burke


I hereby declare that the attached assignment is my own work. I understand that if I am suspected of plagiarism or another form of cheating, my work will be referred to the Academic Registrar/ or the Board of Examiners, which may result in me being expelled from the program.

Student signature: ____________________________ Date Submitted: 10April 2014

National University of Ireland, Dublin

Bachelor of Science (BWM)
Intake 43

Module name: Project Management

Module Code: BMGT3002S

Lecturer: Mr. Patrick Burke

Assignment Type: Assignment 2

Submitted by: Gan Ireng, Tan Hui Mian,
Lin Jin Hong, Guan Xiao Chong

Student Number: 12259762, 12259761, 12259950, 12262580

Word Count:

Submission Date: 10 April 2014

Table of Content

1.0 Executive Summary

Evaluate the project definition phase of the regency plaza project. How do the problem that emerged during the project relate to how the project definition phase was managed?

Regency Plaza is a mixed development consists of 300 hotel rooms and 96-luxury condominium unit. The building is a 22-storey steel and concrete structure with a brick and granite façade that blended with surrounding old building. Kris...

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