Genre List

•Action games

•Role-playing games (RPGs)

•Adventure games





•Massively multiplayer online (MMO)

Action Games

Action games would be the games that involve a lot of combat and require good hand-eye coordination and reaction times. The main objective of these types of games is getting through the level by killing, collecting, saving anything in sight. Some games will involve objectives to do while in the level to progress the story.

Action games sometimes take elements from other genres i.e sports, racing, puzzles, although they are not the central attraction. Occasionally the player comes under pressure through time i.e locked in a room and they have 40 seconds to find an escape or they have to survive waves of enemies for a set amount of time.

Level Design- Level design for action games can be quite basic, the player is took on a linear path and guided through the level by objective markers or by a NPC. The enemies of the level will often by themed in accordance to the location of the level. The enemies often repeat patterns so trial and error is a main feature to completing the game on harder difficulties. When failing the mission the player will be sent back to a previous checkpoint, some games give choices from restarting the whole mission to spawning from the same spot.

Character- In most action games the player controls the main hero, who has access to a great arsenal of weapons and abilities. Most games allow the player to purchase upgrades for the character or unlock skills by doing tasks.


* Beat ‘em ups- usually involve navigating a 2-d level by side scrolling by defeating countless enemies with all sorts of combos.

* Fighting games- can still be a sidescroller but still be a 3-d game. The game often involves special moves unique to the character, same with combos. I wouldn’t put boxing games in this genre as they are more simulation as the...

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