6LoWPAN: The Wireless
Embedded Internet
Zach Shelby
Sensinode, Finland

Carsten Bormann
Universität Bremen TZI, Germany

A John Wiley and Sons, Ltd, Publication


Series Editor:

David Hutchison, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK
Serge Fdida, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
Joe Sventek, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

The ‘Wiley Series in Communications Networking & Distributed Systems’ is a series of expert-level,
technically detailed books covering cutting-edge research, and brand new developments as well as
tutorial-style treatments in networking, middleware and software technologies for communications
and distributed systems. The books will provide timely and reliable information about the
state-of-the-art to researchers, advanced students and development engineers in the
Telecommunications and the Computing sectors.

Titles in the series:
Wright: Voice over Packet Networks 0-471-49516-6 (February 2001)
Jepsen: Java for Telecommunications 0-471-49826-2 (July 2001)
Sutton: Secure Communications 0-471-49904-8 (December 2001)
Stajano: Security for Ubiquitous Computing 0-470-84493-0 (February 2002)
Martin-Flatin: Web-Based Management of IP Networks and Systems 0-471-48702-3 (September 2002)
Berman, Fox, Hey: Grid Computing. Making the Global Infrastructure a Reality 0-470-85319-0
(March 2003)
Turner, Magill, Marples: Service Provision. Technologies for Next Generation Communications
0-470-85066-3 (April 2004)
Welzl: Network Congestion Control: Managing Internet Traffic 0-470-02528-X (July 2005)
Raz, Juhola, Serrat-Fernandez, Galis: Fast and Efficient Context-Aware Services 0-470-01668-X
(April 2006)
Heckmann: The Competitive Internet Service Provider 0-470-01293-5 (April 2006)
Dressler: Self-Organization in Sensor and Actor Networks 0-470-02820-3 (November 2007)
Berndt: Towards 4G Technologies: Services with Initiative...

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