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Chapter 1

True or false :

2. According to Department of Labor statistics, about 5% of the U.S. work force are employed in sales positions.
Ans: False
3. Public relations is not usually considered one of the elements of the promotion mix.
Ans: False
4. The advantage of advertising and sales promotion over other elements of the promotion mix is that they involve two-way communication.
Ans: False
5. Advertising is generally more effective than personal selling in closing the sale.
Ans: False
6. Sales management can be defined as the control and implementation of personal contact programs designed to achieve the sales objectives of the firm.
Ans: True
8. Sales and customer relationship skills are most important during the growth phase (i.e., the middle of the product life cycle) of the product life cycle.
Ans: False
9. The competitive change of “blurred boundaries” refers to the practice of selling in multiple countries.
Ans: False
10. The desire by many customers to buy from fewer suppliers has been a welcomed and beneficial development for most suppliers.
Ans: False
13. Relationship selling means the sales force emphasizes skills such as communicating product benefits, helping customers make purchase decisions, and making the entire process easier and more convenient for the buyer.
Ans: False
15. One change many sales forces are experiencing is that they are spending more time meeting with people inside their own company.
Ans: True
16. The sales force is only responsible for generating revenues.
Ans: False

Multiple Choice

24. An advantage of personal selling is not:

a. two way communication.
b. reaching a massive number of people quickly.
c. detailed explanation.
d. direction towards qualified prospects.
e. all are advantages of personal selling
Ans: b

25. Compared to other promotional tools, the most important advantage(s) of person selling is in:

a. locating prospects.
b. gaining customer commitment
c. creating...

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