1. Using the information provided in the table, you could deduce that birds are categorized in the Kingdom Animali, because they are mobile, can forage for food on their own and are multicellular organisms. The table could also be used to rule our bad answer options.

2. Read the information provided to help you draw conclusions about the correct answer. Sometimes, it is easier to rule out possible answers first, narrowing down your options for the correct answer. From the information provided, you could conclude the type of cell (eukaryotic or prokaryotic) and if the cell contains one cell or multiple cells.

3. The stages of mitosis progress from Prophase, to Metaphase, to Anaphase and finally Telophase. During prophase DNA molecules progressively condense to form chromosomes. Metaphase is when spindle fibers attach to centromeres and align. Spindle fibers shorten and the centromeres split causing the sister chromatids to separate. The final stage of mitosis is when the chromosomes reach the poles of their respective spindles.

4. The chromosomes of the biological father and mother determine the make-up of the child's chromosomes. A father contributes xy and a mother contributes xx chromosomes. The possible outcomes for the baby are xx, xy, xx, and xy. Each parent gives the child 23 chromosomes, combined together to obtain 23 pairs of chromosomes. One of those pairs determines sex.

5. Use the chart provided in the test to help you to answer this question. Organ systems are comprised of different parts of the body, each one plays a specific role but integrates with the other systems to produce a functioning whole (the body). For instance, the circulatory system includes the heart and blood vessels because they aid in the transportation of nutrients to and from cells. If a patient was complaining of chest pain or circulation issues the first system to assess would be the circulatory system.

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