Testing for Cations and Anions in Consumer Products by Way of

Testing for Cations and Anions in Consumer Products by Way of

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Testing for Cations and Anions in Consumer Products by Way of
Chemical Mixtures and Flame Tests.

Cations and anions were tested on controlled products to determine a positive test result that could be applied to various consumer products and unknown solutions to find which ions are contained in each solution. The ions contained in the consumer products were found by mixing the appropriate chemical solutions and observing if a chemical reaction had occurred. The flame test was also done on the unknown solution to observe any flame colour change. Milk contained chlorine, sulfate, phosphate, and calcium ions and 7-up soda (which was observed to have no carbonation) contained no ions at all.

Cations and anions (or known as ions, referring to both) are present and essential to all forms of life and are especially vital to a cells function and the plasma membrane involved. A cation is a chemically charged ion in which the atom has less electrons then its naturally stable model giving it an overall positive charge. An anion on the other hand is a negatively charged atom, containing more electrons then its naturally stable model, which gives it an overall negative charge. These ions have specific uses in the body and in the environment and therefore are also found in many consumer products manufactured and used by humans. The testing for cations and anions is predominantly done in two ways among others. First by mixing two chemical substances (one containing the cation being tested for) to produce a chemical change often proved by the formation of a precipitate or the presence of another gas being formed. Also, using a flame test can determine the presence of specific cations and anions in substances by the unique colour which is given off when exposed to a flame or high temperature. A wide variety of cations and anions were tested using these two methods.
The flame test is used because it can distinguish between different cations and...

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