teting while driving

teting while driving

Psy363 Ao1 cognitive psychology
Cell phone use while driving
Policy proposal
Instructor Atchison
Sabrina brown


Cell phone usage are reported as crash risk, unsafe driving habit and dispositions: The purpose of researching was to identify risky driving behaviors that use research has proven that drivers who use cell phones while driving motor vehicles as opposed to non- cell phone motor vehicle use drivers.
There are many distractions which prevent a driver from focusing on the task of driving from changing the radio to talking to passengers. Using cell phones devices. www.GHSA.ORG

Law makers should fund mones to research to determine the nature of distracted driving problems and the effect of cell phone usage and driving characterististics. WWW.ghsa.org
with providers of electronic devices should devise a educational campaign to inform the public about the proper use of devices. As part of their federal traffic safety licensing law, drivers should be prohibited from text messaging or using cell phones.

With vehicle usage of cell phones increasement, the safety of our young adolescent drivers whom make up a small percentage of our licensed drivers yet another small portion of drivers whom are involved in serious crashes. In a study consisting of college graduates Out of 1,291 recruited college students out of 6.3 million crashes each year involved some degree of driver distraction and inattention. There has been Research that has shown that the use of cell phones while driving may impair driving results and present related traffic safety. The increase in cell phone use or talking on cell while driving has escalated.
I would like to see texting restricted while driving because for example people driving on hazardous roads such as sleet and ice and they drive fast on bad road conditions tend to cause more accidents.
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