Texas Government

Texas Government

Govt 2306

Part 2
1) Christian Coalition
This group concerns itself with issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, and preserving traditional family values. The coalition does not only of Christians but of all people of different faith. They tend to lean towards the Republican Party who advocate for similar values and policies. Their current agenda is
* Repealing Obamacare
* Seeing that the Constitution is interpreted as originally intended by our founding fathers and not changed for the benefit of liberal judges
* Protect the Defense of Marriage act, opposing the recognition of same-sex marriage by the states
* Reforming America’s reliance on foreign nations’ resources and its harmful effects in the environment
* Restoring the 1993 “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” act, forbidding gay soldiers to openly serve in the military.

2) LULAC is a Hispanic organization that works for the benefit of Latinos living in the United States. O would think that this group is more democratic because democrats tend to fight for the same issues such as civil rights for all people. They are
* Against Education and Employment discrimination
* The advancement of Latinos in politics
* Attaining and preserving civil rights
* Providing scholarships for low-income students
* Affordable and accessible healthcare for Latinos

3) Heritage Alliance PAC
This group seeks for people who share conservative values to vote for candidates who support their agenda. I would say this group is conservative-Republican because their reliance on the Bible. Republicans tend to be pro-family values which HAPAC advocates for. Their agenda is based on their beliefs on the Bible and interpret them on how the government should run by having
* Limited government , meaning the government was meant to protect, not to provide
* God is the authority over government
* Free enterprise
* Traditional values
4) Vote Hemp

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