Front. Archit. Civ. Eng. China 2007, 1(2): 255–259 DOI 10.1007/s11709-007-0032-0


LIU Yuan, CHEN Chong

The effects of festivals and special events on city image design

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Abstract City marketing provides a good vehicle to strengthen a city in competition. On the analysis of the important roles of events and city image in the context of city marketing, this paper suggests that holding festivals or special events is an effective approach to enhance city marketing. The positive impacts of festivals and special events, such as the identification of city image, the promotion of the transmission of city image, and the reversal of the negative image of the city, are discussed. The negative impacts of festivals and special events are also talked about. The unique image of the city could be identified by the City Mind Identity, the City Visual Identity and the City Behavior Identity concerned with festivals and special events. Keywords events, festivals and special events, city marketing, city image, city identity system

conceived in the book Marketing Places: Attracting Investment, Industry, and Tourism to Cities, States, and Nations that the world’s economic development has enlarged the competition among places. Whether a place talent shows itself and succeeds in the competition or not, the key is to market the place’s advantages through various strategic and effective methods [2]. “The place seller” (such as local economy development bureau and traveling promotion bureau and so on) must understand the requisition of “the place buyer” (such as commercial companies, multinational corporation headquarters, vacationers, international conference delegates, as well as inhabitants or employees) thoroughly, and then take suitable steps and policies to sell its “product” and win “the buyer”. Under the guidance of city marketing, some old industrial cities in Europe and America, which faced...

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