Textual Investaation

Textual Investaation

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textual investigation

Many adverts are designed to manipulate and sway the reader toward their product, the advertising industry is very competitive and many companies are working to have the best selling product on the market. This however is hard as there are many products and companies out there and many of them have numerous amounts of money to spend on creating the best advertisements out there. In this essay I will be exploring the presentational devices used and how they are presented to the audience through the perfume advert. I will be investigating technical and colour codes I will also be looking at the representation of different texts and images used within the adverts.

Female perfume advert- PSwish
Within this advert there is an overpowering use of colour which fills the entire page, causing the audience to feel part of the image, as if they can actually touch the contents of the advert, this is a powerful selling device as the reader will want to be a part of what is going on within the picture. The use of colour also would attract more the female eye rather than the male eye as females are generally stereotypically attracted to bright colours. For example the lush green grass filling the bottom of the page, this would be classed as more of a female related colour. The green is more of a natural colour and a pure colour as it is the colour of the grass, this suggests to the audience the perfume is a natural and elegant fragrance, the grass coming of the sides of the page filling the advert again gives the idea of people being more involved with the product, this is a selling point as a natural more subtle smell can be sold to just about anyone, it is a very natural fragrance. The silver swirls are appearing from the perfume bottle and enveloping the woman this gives the hint of fantasy and dreams almost as if anything could happen while wearing this perfume, this is relevant as many people like that sense of fantasy and it is almost like...

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