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Profile Information
The individuals depicted in this activity are fictitious. They represent people who work for the same company (also fictitious) named BJP Enterprises and are at a variety of positions and various levels within the organization. The profiles are summary descriptions that might have been prepared from information the company has on file, plus individual’s statements of interest in foreign postings and comments from fellow employees. They are intentionally brief but not unrealistically so; in making international decisions, one often brings fairly limited information. Because the information is limited, in some cases you may wish to make inferences or assumptions about a particular individual.

The profiles do not include detailed information on the individual’s job-related or technical skills. You should make the assumption that the individuals are technically competent for a particular assignment and base your assessment on other factors that might affect individuals in various foreign assignments and the organizations overall international HR strategy.

The Scenario and Directions
Consider that your company, headquartered in the United States, is selecting employees to send to the following countries: Japan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and India. Read the ten personal profiles and decide who should be selected for each country.

Assess each candidate in terms of general suitability for an overseas assignment as well as for assignment to a particular country. Be specific about the factors in favor of an assignment as well as those against an assignment. When a candidate is not selected for an assignment, be specific as to why the candidate was eliminated.

[Note: Individual Profiles found in file titled “International HR Activities Profiles”]
|Employee Name |Overseas Assignment |Explanation...