Anna Maheshwari

‘Assignments Specifics’
English 101.OEOE

You are expected to complete four (4) essays—the one serving as the Final Exam—a simple outline for each essay, and four (4) summaries. The first three essays, outlines, and summaries of the chapters associated with them are worth 60% of the final grade in the course. The last (fourth) essay, outline, and the summary associated with it are worth 30% of the final grade in the course. An objective ‘grammar and usage’ test to be taken between January 10h and April 24th during Lab Testing Hours is worth 10% of the final grade in the course.

Please remember that you need to complete all four writing assignments and take the test for any chance to pass the course.

Assignment Parts

[All three parts (the essay, its outline, and the summary of the chapter(s) associated with it) of each assignment must submitted in one package. The grade will reflect all three parts]

Essay Part:

Each individual essay must be:
a) At least three pages in length
b) Typed
c) Double spaced (with one inch margin all around)
d) 12 point Font
e) Written in your own words and not copied from any source
f) Properly labeled (Include your name, the course, the assignment title, and the date.)
Use the following example as a template:
Student Name
ENG 101- OE/OE
January 26th, 2010
g) Include a title that reflects the topic of your essay

Outline Part:

You need to include a simple outline for your essay, consisting simply of a thesis statement and three to five topic sentences that support the thesis and provide individual topical control for the body paragraphs. They all need to be in sentence form.

The following is an example of a simplified outline: (only the thesis and the main points are needed).

Thesis: We clutter our lives with material goods.

Topic sentence 1: We...