Thai Tourism

Thai Tourism

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The develop strategy of Thailand tourism

Thailand's international tourism is the most important position of developing countries in Asia .Thailand received foreign tourists nearly 10 million people in 2000, foreign exchange earnings over 7 billion US dollars. According to the Thai, to 2006, the number is expected to host international tourism will reach 14 million, which means that each year to maintain 7 percent growth rate. "Quality destination" has become a national goal in the ninth into the Thai economic and social development plans; "sustainable tourism" has been a national agenda one of the priority projects. [pic]
     In order to successfully implement tourism-related policies, Thailand "on the sustainable development of tourism national agenda" developed a plan of action, the strategic plan includes the following measures: agenda and the implementation of the restructuring of local government capacity building; sustainable tourism development of e-tourism; Convention and Incentive Travel (MICE) marketing; community tourism, and small and medium enterprises; as a world-class destination towards the goal of improving the quality of the knowledge society to promote the tourism development, tourism promotion and market expansion; as Asia Pacific region tourist center of Thailand. The specific measures such strategies as follows:
• First, the reorganization strategy and the implementation of the plan
    In order to enable the management of sustainable tourism to be able to bring the best of Thailand and welfare benefits, but also to businesses of all sizes bring fairness, recommended the following measures:
     1. Tourism in the gross national product (GNP) which make a specific proportion of the note.
     2. Determine protection and tourism development zone.
     3. Allocated a special budget to implement sustainable tourism development planning. The amount of the budget should not be less 2% of the international...

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