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Thank you for purchasing the Adsense Machine, we promise that you're going to earn at least $20 a day from it.
Otherwise, you'll be refunded under a request.

Let's start.

How to get accepted on adsense in exactly 2 days?
- Go to and press "Sign In" then press "Sign Up" and create a new google account.
- After you create the account, login in google and go to
- Click at your name at the top right, press "My Channel" then Press "OK".

- Now go to and search for a random vine then download it.
- After you have downloaded a random vine, Go to and press "Enable My Account" then press "Got it".

- Upload the random vine and put a random title, and tags.

- You'll see Monetization tab while you're uploading the video, press it.

- Check "Monetize my video" then press "Got it" and press "Save Changes"

- Now press at your name again at the top right, press "Video Manager". The random vine you uploaded should have a dollar sign should be like this:

- Go to and press ‪"‬How will I be paid?‪"‬ then press "associate an AdSense account" -> then press "Next".

- You'll be redirect now to Adsense application page, press "Yes, proceed to Google Account sign in".

- Now choose your country, time zone and type your information.

- Please allow a time from 24 to 48 to get accepted. "They'll send you an email in your gmail"


What is needed to start earning at least $20 a day?
- Palringo ->
- Google Chrome ->[->0]
- A blog ->

Let's start.

- Go to

- Press continue to Blogger, press "New Blog" to create a new blog and choose any title, address then...

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