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Food is an energy we “borrow”. Getting into our hands an unvalued amount, we usually feel uncomfortable if there are no ways to share, do something meaningful and pay it back, to our lender. Oneself dissatisfaction is a first sign, that we are in a credit, we give, present, change for good, less than we get and able to process. Not because something goes wrong, something is unfair or this is not what we can change. Its our sensitivity to honesty as it is, necessity to live without a pain and guilt that has not found its way out.

The solution to take less and give more seems to be simple until it comes to the moment of action. Or “just-this-last-cheesecake”.Negativity, fears and doubts, estimation of choices tries to come over and mainly it can be found in two main forms: overeating and meaningless actions. Both usually lead us on the road of joyful entertainment where we will be able to create more and more circumstances that give a rise to the illusion of necessity to act.

What causes the necessity to act? Not only our life objectives. Deep inside, the demand of self expression, realization of universal purpose rises our will to act tremendously and without an understanding and connection with those unlimited resources of energies we all have a chance to be negatively influenced by our own feelings. Forming “A body of pain” that becomes our sub-personality we imprison the voice of our heart and become more amenable to defaced values and understanding of the truthful purpose of action.

Instead of walking on a road of temptation lets first pay back more than we get. Every day. Every minute. Every moment. Start with giving attention to every bite of food and feel the way it raises and unchains your power for meaningful action. The results are thanksgiving.

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