The 11th Region

The 11th Region

The 11th Region, New Zealand

By: Anthony Steven Lewis

October 8th, 2009

We are looking to expand the sale of our hybrid automobiles outside of the United States to New Zealand. We believe this is a profitable venture from the following perspectives. It goes without saying that hybrid vehicles are now a much preferred choices overseas and are far more prevalent than in America. New Zealand’s population (like any other) needs cars for their everyday life. By comparison to many other countries; New Zealand is small and does not manufacture many automobiles themselves, they import many of them (Ministry of Economic Development, 2009).

There are few import restrictions we would have to adhere to. Mainly these would revolve around toxic emissions that could harm the ozone layer, and making sure the odometer accurately depicts the cars current status (New Zealand Customs Dpt, n.d.)

There are no official price controls, but the government regulates the prices of utilities and subsidizes pharmaceuticals (Heritage Foundation, 2009).

The United States and New Zealand were seen as old friends. The US, being a very powerful nation, found it necessary to build equal grounds with small countries such as New Zealand. In fact, it was tracked that in the year 1839, the US government already placed a consular representation in New Zealand. From then on, they started making profits and increased their economies out of each other's wealthy resources (Foreign Trade Exchange, n.d.).

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