The 21st Century Education: My Reflection

The 21st Century Education: My Reflection

The 21st Century Education: My Reflection
Master Teacher 1

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”

Being the principal of the biggest and leading secondary school in the Division of Gingoog City, this 21st century education for me is a total package of multi-tasking collaborative scheme creating another milestone and another era of educational history anchoring on the National Competency Based Teachers’ Standard ( NCBTS ) and the Education For All ( EFA ) goals for 2015 mandated by DepEd for both elementary and secondary education. The said era is the period of laying the ground for educational standards for a package of excellent products or outputs.

This 21st century education is entirely different in all its aspects, angles, and features from the 20st century education in terms of skills, classroom setting, learning environment , to its educators’ capacities, qualifications, and abilities. It’s crucial distinction is by giving the learners’ freedom to use their multiple intelligences and their distinct learning styles needed to develop their whole personality to face the competitive world while the educators’ role is to facilitate them and rate them using the authentic assessment .

As educators, we play the heavy yet worthwhile roles in this 21st century education. We should not only be the expert educators but also efficient, effective, innovative, resourceful, optimistic, open-minded, versatile, liberated , imaginative, and above all technologically literate. This is the greatest challenge of this 21st century education like me who optimistically propels the gears of the school vision into its sounding reality.

I profoundly understand that this era of educational milestone calls for collaborative working force by all personnel and stakeholders in the academe. Each of them has his crucial share of responsibilities, accountabilities, and obligations to ensure the quality...

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