The 2nd Day of the Last Term

The 2nd Day of the Last Term

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This is the 2nd day of the last term begins. The work seems to pile up little by little when each subject passed by. Straightforwardly, I feel so bored to study, take an exam and any other things concerning the school. I felt happy and joyful in the end of semester as I was trained at Novotel Bangkok Bangna in F&B [office] department. I realized I was very pleased to work rather than study – yes that’s the truth. However, many ones told that when I go to work I’ll want to go back to study again. Why not!?
What about you, Ms. Diana Rose? What do you think, do you agree with them?
My mother and father worked hard to earn money in order to support me financially and many other things to take care of me. After graduating, I’ll surely go to apply for a job but I don’t know where? >> 555+
I swore myself to be more diligent this final term to get grade 4 and get a good job - I’m sure I can do!! Believe me!


I really am fed up with people who seem to be selfish. The more I have a hatred of these kinds of black-hearted people the more I meet them. God blesses me! I try to avoid staying and being with them but I can’t! It doesn’t mean that I’m completely perfect but I just don’t keep and grudge the knowledge or something I know only with me, I’ll certainly share to others. I ask you, Ms Diana, will you tell your friends about the guidelines of the exam if you know? Will you explain to your friends the lesson they don’t understand while you do? Will you tell your friends the truth about the study if they need help? One of my friends won’t do all those questions I ask you – believe me? I badly feel pungent with her nature… It doesn’t matter if she knows and tries to improve herself to be better but she never knows and never changes!


I’m tired of life…Have you ever feeled like me? I think we’re born as reciprocal deeds and need to redeem mistake that we made in previous life. When it’s the specific time comes, we’ll...

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