The 5th Academy

The 5th Academy

The 5th Academy:There is the simple story about magic, friendship, love, adventures of mortals and immortals. One hidden magic word, five powerful mystic families or clans, one magic Academy of the five nature elements, three strong heroes and lots of orcs, elves, centaurs... and yes! Demons, jinnees and sorcerers!
There are lots of stories about love on the Earth, but each time there is something new to be added. I for one am not going to add another spiraling plot line.

Now, let’s take an immortal story like Romeo and Juliette, change their names and put the main characters in the present time. Let’s make their two families, who hate each other, not only powerful and rich, but also immortal and magic.

Then send our young lovers to an Academy, but not a common, usual University for mortal students, it should be something dangerous, magical and complicated. Something between death and life. And there, finally, let’s test their love with jealousy, danger, distance, fire, and water. Maybe -why not- death…

Let’s watch, how their feelings for one another grow stronger and become insatiable…

The book's recipe:





The 5th Academy 5
Dedication 6
Chapter one. Anew. 7
Chapter two. Crash. 18
Chapter three. The five families of Magirs. 19
Chapter four. The Beating. 24
Chapter five. The whisper-boy. 28
Chapter six. The fight. 35
Chapter seven. One direction. 45
Chapter eight. Welcome! 59
Chapter nine. Party hard 69
Chapter ten. Steal the girl 82
Chapter eleven. The hacking 94
Chapter twelve. The beauty and the beast 107
Chapter thirteen. The high treason 119
Chapter fourteen. Dead! 130
Chapter fifteen. Lost advice 140
Chapter sixteen. The fool 141
Chapter seventeen. The fight. 153
Chapter eighteen. The ancient Jinnee. 162
Chapter nineteen. Girl’s tricks. 173
Chapter twenty. The Ragweed Elixir. 183
Chapter twenty one. Waking up. 188...

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