The 7/7 Bombings in Extracts

The 7/7 Bombings in Extracts

English Coursework
Comparing the representation of the 7/7 bombings in extracts

Text 1: Daily Mirror 20/10/2010- Inquest into 7/7 bombings
Text 2: The Sun
Text 3: The Guardian

The extracts I have chosen to analyse all represent the survivors of the 7/7 bombings in London in different ways. The three extracts, I have chosen, are all taken during the time of the inquests into the terrorist attacks and would be regarded as important to the British public as it was such a major event in the recent history of Britain. Each extract employs a particular house-style in reporting on the events of the attacks and the survivors. The first article is from the tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror they’re target audience is people aged 18-30 and the newly literate lower middle class, they’re articles try to entertain they do this by using emotive verbs and informative language. The second article is from The Sun, which is a popular tabloid newspaper aimed at a less literate audience, they tend to use sensational language such as ‘Harrowing’ and ‘Tragic’. The final article is taken from The Guardian which is broadsheet newspapers who intend to focus on informative language and are very detailed in their approach to topics.

The first text I am going to analyse is an article written for the Daily Mirror during the inquests into the 7/7 bombings. The purpose of this article is partly referential because it informs and to entertain, this means that the target audience for this piece would be members of the public who are interested in the events of the bombings. The first few lines of this extract indicates that there is a sad tone to the article ‘Tearful Martine Wiltshire’ these first lines have been personalised by using full names and proper nouns. It’s interesting how the tabloid are less formal too the survivor by calling her Martine instead of Mrs Wiltshire at the start of the second paragraph. The second line shows a touch of empathy with Martine...

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