The Ability to See the Way an Organization Functions

The Ability to See the Way an Organization Functions

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Kudler Fine Foods - Critical Systems Paper

Heather Hamilton


July 26, 2010
Jason Black

Kudler Fine Foods – Critical Systems Paper

Business systems analysis gives a person the ability to see the way an organization functions. Knowing how an organization functions allows the business to see areas of improvement and to increase efficiency. In this paper, I will discuss a business system of Kudler Fine Foods critical to its business processes and discuss how it affects its organizational structure.
Kudler Fine Foods mission is “to provide our customers with the finest in selected foodstuffs, wines, and related needs in an unparalleled consumer environment” (Apollo Group, Inc., 2007, Mission). As part of that mission, the Operations of Kudler Fine Foods involves purchasing, advertising, accounting, inventory management, forecasting, merchandise selection, and pricing. The Operations area is a business system critical to the continued success of the organization. Without a clear understanding of how Kudler handles its Operations, the organization cannot maintain the correct amount of stock or forecast for what stock to purchase at what times of the year.
Because the goal of Kudler Fine Foods is to provide a one-stop shop to the gourmet food market, it is necessary to have a variety of products available at each of the three store locations. The food must be fresh, organic, and high quality, which can be a challenge when considering how much to purchase of what item. Kudler offers a bakery, meat and seafood, produce, cheese and dairy, and wine selection. Excluding the wine, the rest of the products are perishable without a very long shelf-life. At each of the three store locations there is a store manager who determines what to purchase for his or her store, including pricing and amount. Although encouraged by the business owner to talk with the other store managers for consistency, it is not a requirement. The owner of the...

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