The Accident

The Accident

Religion Assignment

Name of interviewee: Jason (Neighbour)

Relationship to the Student: Family Friend

Which of the sacraments of initiation do they remember most clearly and why?

Jason received his first holy communion in 2013. He remembered because it was recent and a stage of his life with God.

For the sacraments identified in the previous question, can they describe what the church was like? (E.g. which church was it, were there any special decorations, were colours significant…. etc.)

First Communion at St. Therese: The church was decorated with vertical banners or posters displaying symbols such as bread and wine due to the fact that wine and bread represents the blood and the body of Christ.

How old were they? (Or their child if referring to one of their children)

Jason was the age of 9 years old at the time.

What did they wear?

Jason wore a buttoned up shirt that was white with his cross that he recently received from his mum Karoline.

Who else attended the ceremony with them?

Close Family that attended the ceremony. Etc. Auntie, Uncle, Cousins, Mum and Dad and Grandpa and Grandma
Who was the Priest/Bishop (if they Remember)

Father David O’Brien – Parish Priest of St. Therese

What symbols or actions do they remember being significant?

The Bread and Wine symbolises the body and blood of Christ. Significant actions include a special blessing by the priest to everyone who is receiving the Holy Eucharist for the first, students participating in the “Special Readings” and hymns delivered and read by the Year 3 teacher.

What do they remember about the preparation classes prior to receiving the sacrament?

He remembers the preparation that week for the upcoming Eucharist. He also completed activities and homework about the holy Eucharist and shared his experiences with the other students.

What responsibilities do they think come with receiving this Sacrament?

Responsibilities are regularly...

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