The Advantages of Sex Education

The Advantages of Sex Education

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The advantages are that children will be able to learn things about their own bodies, how to prevent getting diseases should they have sex, being able to make informed decisions about having sex (or not), and how to ignore peer pressure from friends and fellow classmates who have had sex.

The advantages of sex education in schools is that they're getting first hand information from a trained and qualified instructor. Another reason is that many kids tend to get the wrong information and not getting the correct information and being lead to resources out there geared to help them out. The disadvantage is that it takes away parents' right to be able to explain to their children about sex and to answer any questions they might have, but at the same time you have parents out here who are not comfortable talking to their children about sex and answering any questions they have. Parents shouldnt be afraid to talk to their children about sex, but schools have a responsibility to talk to their children at an appropriate age about sex, but it would be ideal for a health professional to talk to them about it so they can know what is out here and what they can do to protect themselves and educate themselves about all the STDs and how they're transmitted. It's better to be educated by a qualified health professional than a parent that has little to no real knowledge at all.

The advantage is that our youth will at least have the education necessary to make an informed decision regarding sexual activites and sexual identity. While many will still choose to take risks, they will at least be informed of methods that may be used to reduce the risk of contraction of STDs or causing pregnancy.

The advantages: It makes the drug and condom companies rich. It fuels funds to planned parenthood. It lines the pockets of abortionists because of the false sense of security that are taught
Adequate guidance would always help prevent teenage pregnancies.

It stresses on the role...

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