The Advantages of Your Position in a Family

The Advantages of Your Position in a Family

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When I was a little girl, I thought that being the youngest child and only girl in my family is very bored and terrible because of gotting all the blame. However, when I grew up, I recognised that my parents only wanted to encourage me had responsibility and self - control. It is the youngest and only girl in my family has many advantages: getting special treatment from my family' members, getting advices and experiences from elder, and preparing for my life in the future.

One advantage of being the youngest child and only girl in my family has always received all the love from my family' members. Firstly, my father often bought many gifts for me when he worked away for along time. Secondly, my mother spent most of time to teach me to cook, to shop and to study. In addition, my brother taught me lots of things, which he had learned in his school, and he helped to solve any my problems. Being the youngest child and only a girl in my family, I have always gotten all the love from my parents and my brother. Another advantage is that I have expected on the advices from adults when I have had any trouble. For example, when I have gotten problems of communication with others, my father has always given me good experiences. Also, my mother has explained for me the way of talking with an older and a stranger. Besides, my brother has shared his experiences during growing up. Therefore, I have become a mature person because my parents have always supported and advised all my life. The most advantage of the only girl is that it has trained me a right choice with the difficulties in my life. For instance, when I go to shopping, I might buy clothes, foods better and cheaper. Also, I also arrange my house clearly and tidy. I have many important experiences to choose the best way of my career by the advices of my relatives. Finally, I think the advices of my parents have been precious properties for me in my life.

In conclusion, being the...

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