The Adventure of Huckleberry

The Adventure of Huckleberry

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October 27, 2008

The adventure of Huckleberry Finn book

The book named the Huckleberry Finn is the one of the famous book everyone know that it is a good book but in the book there some inappropriate word “nigger” that is not suppose to read and learn .Is it that bad so it will be banned or censored. In the paragraph will tell you about why the Huckleberry Finn shouldn’t be banned or censored, How important it shouldn’t be banned, how the book will changed if there is censored.
The word “nigger” is the cause of the problem. They do censor because they think it is not polite. It is not good for reading. It is hard for teacher for teaching bad word.It may be a contemptuous,it will be much better if it is a good book and have no rude word
because it is like the book show the contemptuous and may be a cause or one of the example of contemptuous
But if you read this book carefully. You will learn many things,such as,the developing relationship between Huck and Jim who are the kid and the slave,two different people became a best friend relationship.You will learn how is Huck personality,how Huck changes after the adventure,why can he adjust to a situation and the story shows you many of Huck's decision and cleverly thinking .One interesting decision of Huck is when he have to decide between sent Jim back or help him foe freedom. Also,the other hand Jim who is a escaped slave who is strongly to fight for his freedom and his family that he love so much It is very important and interesting that you can learn a personality and behavior of two main characters through the differences situation from the book.
The next important thing If the word “nigger” be censored, the word in the book will loose and the reader will loose their understand too,because it is a part of description. Every words that describe in the book. There are came from the period of the time that Twin was. It shows and makes image such as the main river,...

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