The Adventures of Asmondena 68sonia Breaks Out of

The Adventures of Asmondena 68sonia Breaks Out of


Sonia lay on the filthy floor of the prison in Tauorga Libya. Her head was hurting like Hell from the blow She had received from the soldier after She had been stopped at the check point .

She remembered that She had been dressed as a Libyan woman wearing a veil being half Libyan Herself. She though that She could get away with it. However She did not realise She was wearing Her shiny black leather gloves and was exposing part of Her leather jacket for all to see.

She was ordered to take off Her veil but pretending to be a Libyan woman She pretended to be shocked at this request. She tried to fight back using Her incredible fighting skills but just as She was about to resist one of the soldiers came form behind and hit Her hard in the back of Her head with his truncheon.

It was pitch dark in the cell. She could smell the stench of the floor. It was clear it was covered in urine as prisoners had urinated on the floor as there was no toilet for the prisoners to use. She could hear a rat scurrying along the floor .This was in many ways worse than the prison in Midnight Express !(see )

She was just wearing her Black Scorpion outfit that was almost identical to the Justice League uniform of a tight black leather jacket, tight hot pants ,leather gloves and calf length boots with high heels .She searched all over around Her waist. Everything had been removed including Her purse with all Her money and credit cards, Her knives and Her whip. She searched around for Her mobile phone. She managed to locate it under Her breasts .It was a miniature phone that they obviously could not find when they searched Her .

She decided to call VSC (Very Senior Commander) Abby urgently on the Princess Xena to send help for Her.

She called and eventually Abby answered.

'Abby it's Sonia here...

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