The Aging Population – How and Where to Succeed with the Over 50 Crowd

The Aging Population – How and Where to Succeed with the Over 50 Crowd

“America is aging. People are leading longer, healthier lives; a contributing factor to an increase in the proportion of the population over the age of 65. In 2010, older Americans make up 13% of the total population. By 2050, this figure is estimated to grow to 20% – increasing the burden placed on society.

Today’s Seniors are happy, active, and living in the communities of their choice. This independence, which is highly valued, is sustained in part through the efforts of informal caregivers and home and community-based services. While they feel good, the majority of Seniors are living with at least one chronic condition.

Spending on health care in the U.S. is on the rise and it is largely understood that the population with multiple chronic illnesses drives the majority of these costs. What is now being realized is that the majority of the chronically ill population is made up of frail Seniors. Many of these chronic diseases are preventable or, at the very least, their burden can be greatly reduced.

In, “The Aging Population – How and Where to Succeed with the Over 50 Crowd”, CBR Pharma Insights examines the opportunities that exist for pharmaceutical companies to provide support to the health and well-being of the older population groups. Additionally, insights and analysis are provided on the key measures & diseases that make this growing patient segment an essential component of any pharmaceutical company’s future plans.

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– Review of the population statistics including projections, changes in life expectancy amd dependency ratio
– Trends in healthcare spending
– Review of diseases impacting aging populations
– Competitive landscape

Key Reasons to Purchase

– Analyze the cost burdens associated with the aging population and how your company can impact them through new, innovative medicines and services
– Assess the role that your company can have in supporting the health &...

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