The American Dream - of Mice and Men

The American Dream - of Mice and Men

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Celia Noblett 10N

Of Mice and Men

Why is the dream so important to George and Lennie?

George and Lennie’s dream is to one day own their own small holding “’an live on the fatta the lan’”. Many other farm workers share this dream, as it would allow them to be their own master and live a life of freedom. This dream is part of a much larger phenomenon known as the American Dream. The American Dream is a popular idea that America allows people from other countries and backgrounds to make a clean start and achieve security.

Life in George and Lennie’s dream is so much better compared to the life on the ranch. In the dream they are able to be totally self-sufficient. The small farm, which they wish to own, will have ten acres. On the land will be a windmill a little shack and a chicken run. I noticed that they never describe the farm as large and with luxuries. They always simply describe the few essentials that they will need. George wishes to build a smoke house like the one that was on his grand-father’s farm “I could build a small house like the one gran’pa had”, he also adds to the dream “ An’ we’d keep a few pigeons to go flyin’ around the win’mill like they done when I was a kid”. This shows that George has not always had to work on the ranches and once he did come from a family home alike the one he now dreams of. They go into so much detail about describing every part of the dream because it is all they live for and have to work towards. It is constantly on their minds, thinking of the better life.
Unlike life on the ranch they would be able to choose what food they wanted to eat and decide when they want to eat it instead of being fed by a “jap cook”.
They would not have to work as hard as they currently do on the ranch. George and Lennie will only have to work for six or seven hours a day instead of the painful eleven hours on the ranch bucking barley. George and Lennie can appreciate planting their own crops and being there to take the crop...

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