The American Dream

The American Dream

The life of Bill Gates is compared to Jay Gatsby in "The Great Gatsby." Bill Gates is the chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is the worldwide leader that helps businesses and people, who want to see their full potential. Did you know that Microsoft employs about an average of 61,000 people in 102 countries and regions, and Microsoft has revenues of US$39.79 billion, for the fiscal year ending June 2005.

Bill Gates was born on October. 28, 1955. Bill had grew up in Seattle with his two sisters. Their late mother, Mary, was a schoolteacher, University of Washington regent, and she was also chairwoman of United Way International. Bill Gates had attended a public elementary school and then he went to a private Lakeside School. At 13 Bill was still at the Lakeside private school, were he discovered his interest in software and he had begun programming.

Napoleon Bonaparte was among Gate's boyhood idols. Driven by a persistent desire to master the economic world, just as Napoleon was driven to master the military and political worlds, Gates built his own Grand Empire, only to see it assailed from all sides.

(Gale Group, 2001)

At Harvard University in 1973, Bill Gates was a freshman there. While he was there, he also lived down the hall were Steve Ballmer lived. Which if you don't know, Steve is Microsoft's chief executive officer. When Bill was still at Harvard, he had developed a version of BASIC language for the first microcomputer. Jay Gatsby can relate to Bill Gates early years because, Jay came from a impoverished childhood in the rural areas of North Dakota to actually become fabulously wealthy. But Jay Gatsby didn't start his own company like Bill Gates did, instead he became rich by participating in organized crime, which included in bootlegging. An from his early youth, Jay "despised poverty and longed for wealth and sophistication—he dropped out of St. Olaf's College after only...

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