The Apple Company Expansion

The Apple Company Expansion

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The Avila University faculty recognizes the importance of communication skills for the success of our students, both while working on a degree and after their formal college experience. Five specific communication objectives have been identified: active listening, reading, verbal presentations, writing and group process (see the section of this module on University-Wide Education outcomes for a more detailed description of each communication objective). In order to implement these objectives, certain courses have been designated as communication-intensive courses. This means that:

A. This course includes instruction in both writing and speaking (public speaking, group process and/or interpersonal communication),
B. At least 25% of the grade in this course will depend upon the student's communication skills, and
C. A student must earn a minimum grade of "c" for this course to satisfy a communication-intensive requirement.


Avila University has developed a set of university-wide outcomes for all graduates. These include communication outcomes, higher level thinking outcomes, personal, spiritual and social outcomes and knowledge outcomes.


Employ active listening techniques, including summarizing, paraphrasing, questioning, and nonverbal response.

Read a document and demonstrate an understanding of its written and quantitative content.

Make a clear, well-organized verbal presentation. (Speaking skills will be emphasized through small group presentations and classroom discussions.)

Write a clear, well-organized paper, using documentation and quantitative tools, when appropriate.

Use group process skills.


Critical thinking: Employ skeptical, evaluative and logical approaches in processing information and drawing conclusions.

Evaluative thinking: Make and evaluate decisions based on...

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