The Application of Large Mining Equipment

The Application of Large Mining Equipment

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Large-scale mining equipments including mining and mineral processing equipment, large equipment performance and environmental technology are doing better. Efficient energy saving and environmental protection equipment is to be advocated, but the reasonable price is the customer final approval. So cheap and easy to use is the real reasons that customer choose. Shanghai Fote Machinery Heavy Industry is a quality supplier of large-scale mining equipment, large crusher including large jaw crusher, large impact crusher, as well as large cone crusher; large grinding equipment including vertical milling machine, conical mill, 6R high pressure mill, etc., this group with a large sand and gravel production lines, large-scale mill production line.

Production of large mining equipment is big, firstly, to meet the requirements of the mine-scale production, secondly, to meet the demand of power consumption of an overall decline. The design of large-scale equipment is also from several aspects to consider, every aspect is extremely important. For the requirements of lubrication system and control system are more stringent than the average small device.

Limestone is the raw material of lime, cement, heavy calcium,not high hardness, Mohs hardness roughly between 3-4.The limestone gravel is one of normal aggregates, main 12,13,14,24 and other specifications. Choose limestone crusher are many, hammer crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher can all be used, but select from the economic point, hammer crusher, impact crusher are commonly used, jaw crusher, impact crusher is both economical and efficient equipment, can produce very little flakiness content of stone, is the most commonly equipment in the limestone aggregates production .

Fote Machinery impact crusher with high hardness, high wear resistance alloy plate hammer and counterattack board, greatly enhanced the life of impact crusher; three-cavity broken, take full advantage of the...

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