The Arp

The Arp

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Another RDP first from the Alexandra Renewal Project
Released: October 2006 | Source: ARP
[Marlboro Social Housing Phase 1]
A major challenge facing the ARP is the shortage of land. While there is a clearly identified need to provide RDP housing within Alexandra, the question is where?

Whilst the ARP has successfully increased density by urban design that reduces plot size from the traditional 250m2 to 80m2 this is still not sufficient to meet the needs of the housing backlog in Alexandra, and the ARP has had to seek high density alternatives.

Traditionally high density, multi-storey housing has always been for rental, but the challenge now is how to provide high density RDP or “give-away” housing.

The potential for RDP multi-storey solutions is not as simple as putting one RDP house on top of another. Whereas a stand-alone property is the responsibility of its owner-occupant, in a multi-unit rental complex the occupants pay rent and part of that rent goes on a management fee, which is a significant ongoing expense.

The ARP has looked to trends in the commercial housing sector and in an innovative adaptation has created a solution that is uniquely suited to Alexandra’s RDP needs, and which should contribute to alleviation of housing shortage in Alex.

In this pilot project the ARP is to develop a multi-storey RDP complex. Beneficiaries will own their units as in any other RDP development, but within a Sectional Title framework. Sectional Title will put the management of, and responsibility for, the complex in the hands of the individual owners, represented on a body corporate.

The land, situated beside the Marlboro Transit Facility, was originally earmarked for flats for people in transit, but the property has been rezoned and the project is ready for implementation.

In Phase 1 of the development a complex of 48 units will be constructed in a high-density configuration around a central open courtyard. The complex will rise to 3 storeys...

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