The Art of Music

The Art of Music

The art of music is the way of life for some people. They describe their music in alot of fashions. Some of them fashions are inspiring, sad, happy. sex-driven, and even gang affilated.

the inspirational side of music is the way artists write songs that employ emotion on us. They hit our sensative side or are caring for one another. Songs like freedom of endangered species or a heart moving song.

The sad and happy side really play a hand and hand with each other. Some artists are well knownfor their sad moving songs. Then they release a faster song that just blows our minds. To the point that we are speechless beyond words.

Finally the sex-driven songs play a part at several emotions. One emotion is that youthful teenager looking for something at that party. It applies to couples or marred couples wanting to have that one special night with their special someone.

We have discussed in this paragraph on how artists can play songs and hit our emotions at every level. We all listen to music in the car, home, or at work. What emotion does the song You love hit?

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