The Barons Confront King John

The Barons Confront King John

-Hi, I am Kirby, squire to William Marshal. My fellows and I are unhappy with our monarch, King John.

-It is indeed an honor to be here with all my fine nobles together in the spirit of friendship

-Let’s be honest your majesty, we have been chasing you all over England for a month. Now there is no escape. You must listen to our conditions.
-I am always happy to hear the concerns of my worthy vassals. I realize I have asked for more military service from you and for more money to protect England, but I am you king, and you must do what I feel is necessary to protect the kingdom.
-We may be scattered in all corners of you realm, but we know the truth of the matter. You know your armies have faced humiliating defeats and you have violated the establishment custom of consulting us about raising money to finance your wars. You also sell royal positions to the highest bidder and demand outrageous feeds from those who lose cases in your courts.
-We also insist that you do not imprison people or take the property without a fair trial. Remember when you stole the estates of the Canterbury monks and deported them from England.


-People…. That was just a misunderstanding. I let them return and I gave the property back to the Church.

-You sold it back…

-Your grace, we have seen that promise many times before. We demand that you formally recognize our complaints and observe the customs of this land and we want it in writing.
- The Magna Carta

-What did you call that document again?

-The Magna Carta, your majesty. That’s Latin for “Great Character.” This will be one of the most important agreements in history, and you will be remembered as the wise king who made it possible.

-Let me remind you, I AM YOUR KING… YOU DO WHAT I SAY!!!

-That can be arranged….. Your majesty

- (Rolling on the...

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