The Bearing Temperature of Ball Mill

The Bearing Temperature of Ball Mill

Mill operate normally, the operation conditions remain unchanged, the running current hongxingly is remained in the rated range . When grinding machine is gave more amount and operate operate normally to causes 'deflation belly' phenomenon. except the abnormal of voice , observing ammeter will find the decline of current. It shows that in steel Ball Mill and mineral have no impact and grinding strip effect, with cylinder rotate together, electrical motor do poder at least.running run can't reach rated current.

When the ore and water are fed into the ball mill cylinder from one end of the hollow shaft, discharged from the other end, and the cylinder rotates to the specified speed of ball mill products, the steel ball or bar together with the ore go up to a certain height with cylinder, then fall and slide down breaking away from the shell under the effect of centrifugal force and friction of Ball Mill Equipment. Soon afterwards they rise again with the cylinder to the same height of ball mill products, and then fall in regular intervals, making the ore ground-up by the impact force and grinding effect. The ground-up ore and water form slurry (wet grinding) of ball mill equipment, which is discharged by the hollow shaft on the ore discharge end, thus the ore grinding is finished.

In operation, we must always pay attention to bearing temperature. The temperature shall not exceed 50 ~ 65℃. We also always pay attention to motors, voltage, current, temperature, sound, etc. And pay attention to lubrication system. The temperature of the oil tank shall not exceed 35 ~ 40 ℃, the pressure to the pipeline should be maintained at 1.5 ~ 2.0 kg / cm2. Check the lubrication of transmission components such as gear, main bearing, grading machine reducer. Constantly pay attention to the change of nature of ore, and to take appropriate measures in a timely manner under the circumstances.

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