The Beautiful Butterfly

The Beautiful Butterfly

Topic: Butterfly

A butterfly is an insect. Insect bodies have three sections- a head, a thorax, and an abdomen. All insects have six legs and some, including butterflies, have wings. They also have two feelers called antennas. The stages of the butterfly is the egg which a butterfly begins life as an egg, then the larva it hatches from the egg. The larva is called a caterpillar. As the caterpillar , it sheds its old skin and forms a new one. After the Larva is the Pupa. When the caterpillar is fully grown, it sheds its last skin and becomes a pupa. Covered with a hard shell called a chrysalis, it changes into a butterfly. Finally the Adult. The adult butterfly breaks out of its chrysalis and flies away. The butterfly lays eggs and a new life cycle begins.

There are eight different kinds of butterflies. The type of butterflies is the Regal Fritillary, Two- Tailed swallowtail, Monarch, Zebra Heliconian. These butterflies are large. The Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Mourning Cloak, and the buckeye. These types of butterflies are small compared to the large butterflies.

Butterflies can only eat liquid food. Most sip nectar. Nectar is a sweet juice that is found inside flowers . Butterflies and moth have a long lounge, called a proboscis, for drinking nectar. It works like a drinking straw. The proboscis is usually curled up, but it straightens when the insect eats. Moth and butterfly and caterpillars are nonstop eating machines! Most eat the leaves and stems of plants. Some eat only one type of plant. Other eat fruit, wool, wood, or wax. A few even eat over other insects.

Butterflies and moths have special way to protect themselves from animals that would like to eat them. Some have bright color to frighten predators. The light color of other are a sign that they are poisonous. Their colors say “you will not like the way I taste!” or “ am much bigger than you think I am!”.

Butterflies live all over the world, except near the north and south poles....

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