The Benefits of Affirmative Action

The Benefits of Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action
I. Introduction
A. Definition
B. History
C. Thesis: While our country has made some progress in fair treatment to all’ there is still need a for Affirmative Action program.

II. Body

A. Unfair treatment in America
1. During slavery days blacks were treated as though they were property.
2. Discrimination caused an imbalance in the economic standing of many.

B. Affirmative Action affects employment and education
1. African Americans and other non white Americans
2. Women have achieved some greatness has a result of affirmative action
C. Affirmative Action has faced Opposition
1. Opponents say quotas unfair
2. Affirmative action is reverse discrimination

III. Conclusion
In regards to Affirmative Action the positive points outweigh the negative points. In my view it has made many positive changes in our society. As the number of single women who are raising families rises, they will need the resources to properly raise their children. Another reason I believe affirmative action benefits society is the diversity that is exposed to an otherwise rigid environment, by mixing values and opinions with others from all walks of life it makes people more aware and adapted to social situations. Affirmative Action helps insure that everyone gets the chance to contribute. People should be considered as individuals and not members of a different race. The goal is to attain excellence not unevenness; that is what we should strive for. However, nothing will ever change unless people rid themselves of fear.

Blacks have lived in America a little less than 400 years. Their early presence has been marked with the race being treated as property. They were shipped in and sold to the highest bidder. They were demeaned as a race. The attitude that blacks were inferior to whites plagued the nation. It led to mal-treatment even after the abolishment of slavery. Laws were established to keep races separate. Termed as...

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