The Benefits of Recycle

The Benefits of Recycle

The Benefits of Trash Recycling

A University Student of Airlangga University


This article analyzes the other side of the existence of trash. Nowdays, there are a lot of trash and its kinds around us. Some people think that the trash is only something unuseful, but behind all, the trash can be changed becomes something new and useful by recycling. Recycling is a process on change the trash becomes something new that is more useful for the one who does that or for the society. As we know, the trashes around us are increasing until there isn’t enough place for it. So, there must be an action to solve the problem, it means that there must be more entrepeneurs who focus their industry on recycle the trashes. The objective of the article here is to show the society that recycling is a very important thing that must be done toward the trash problems that happen around our life.

Keywords : trash, unuseful, recycling, process, change, new, useful, entrepeneurs

There are some big problems around us which are related with the existence of trash. The trash actually comes from the human it self in which the trashes are coming from the human using. The problem is there is too much trash but there is no enough handling. In which now days there is too much trash, but the TPA (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir) of the trash is not enough to accommodate it.

The trash itself has bad effects for human health. If we send it flying and there is no good handing, it will cause many kinds of illness. We are using many kind things in our daily life and most the things we use will leave a trash after the using or it can be the trash it self. Now, we all know there is too much trash around us, but there is no enough place to it. Recycling must be done not only because the too much trash causes bad effects for human health but also it can give bad effects for the environment.

The other trash around us also comes from the waste of...

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