The Best Ceremonial Speech

The Best Ceremonial Speech

Ceremonial Speech

Ok, by show of hands how many of you guys have siblings.? Ok, well most of us have siblings and for

those who don’t, you’re lucky because you get everything to yourself, but you’re also missing out. Siblings help

mold you into who you become, they might do it through teasing or beatings but it’s all out of love. They’re the

one’s you have petty arguements with, fight with and even though you always say you’re never gonna speak to

them again, that rarely lasts. I have two older brothers and sometimes they can be a huge pain in the neck. They

aren’t good for anything much except beating you up, being really overprotective, and downright mean. It was

known that if you left anything in the refridgerator it automatically became theirs and there was nothing I could do

about it. Once, I remember when I was younger my brother Uteenway, and I got into this huge fight. I think it was

over the fact that he tried to stuff me in the sofa bed because he ahd to clean the living room and wanted me to get

up. Mind you it’s 8’o clock in the morning, i swear my brothers crazy, but because i didn’t want to wake up, he

decided to try to stuff me in the sofa bed and after that day I swore I would never speak to him again. My dad saw

this and for our punishment he told us that we couldn’t speak to one another at all, which was fine with us since we

were mad at each other, but then it became really hard because we could only talk to our older brother, and when wer

would go to school, we would sneak chats when we saw each other and ask how are things going. That experience I

think was the hardest thing i’ve had to go through in my life.

Because I was the only girl and the youngest, my life was full of torture. They would double team me and

take turns beating me up and trying new wrestling moves using me ast their test dummy, and I would tell on them, but

they never failed to remind me that my parents...

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