The Best Day I Spent with My Family

The Best Day I Spent with My Family

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The Best Day I Spent With My Family

The best day I spent with my family was during the 2008 Alabama Football season. The atmosphere of the University of Alabama during football season is one of the great experiences; it’s like one big family. But this was Alabama’s Homecoming game against Arkansas State University; there were festivities and things to do for all ages.
My Mom, Dad, and I were at the university Strip; we got there early to be able to see the homecoming parade. The Million Dollar Band was the first to take the stage and they played my favorite song, “YEA ALABAMA”, “RAMMER JAMMER”. That song always sends chills down my spine, and I never get tired of it. The parade lasted about an hour, and at the closing we decided that we would start heading towards the Quad. On our way to the Quad we pass Bryant-Denny Stadium, this is where all the great sights are, right in front of the stadium. It has all the greatest coaches that ever helped put Alabama where they are today. They also have all the National titles and South Eastern Conference championships. The tide currently has 12 National titles and 21 SEC titles.

As we left from the stadium and headed towards the Gorgas library, in front of Denny Chimes. I was able to grab Big A’L (The Teams Mascot: Elephant) and get a picture with him. The whole Quad smelt like barbeque, hotdogs, hamburgers and lots more. One of my favorite things to do on the Quad is to go to where they have the little stands where the restaurants’ has setup in a little booth stand. Dippin Dot’s is the place out of all that I try to make any home game for the tide, chocolate dot are my favorite. We also grab Willy T’s, the best “grub” as I like to call it on the Quad.
There are a lot of activities that me and my parents like to do, but I have one that is fun to us all is, rock climbing. My mother and I both tried it and, well let’s just say I made it to the top and mother wasn’t as lucky as I was. We like to stroll and see...

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