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Executive Summary
The following document provides a Project Charter for a high-speed color printer needed at NexGen Development’s Corporate office. The charter describes specifications of the selected high-speed color printer and objectives for the project and explains the strategy behind the project management structure proposed by NexGen Development. To meet the proposed targets, approval of this Project Charter by the owners of NexGen Development is required within 10 calendar days from the date of this report.
The management philosophy for the project is as follows: Office Masters will manage the delivery and installation services. Project team resources include the Project Manager, Project Leader (Legal).
The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) shown in Appendix A describes the schedule for the project, with the top two levels showing phases and then functions within each phase. Subsequent planning activities will breakdown these categories further into tasks.
Project duration is from July 15, 2013 to July 15, 2013, a period of 1 day. The total project cost is $8,200, based on a Class B estimate. The project risk are low for all Phases 1 (Concept), 2 (Planning) 3 (Execution) and 4 (Closing). Risk management is considered low, considerations will be addressed.


Part 1: Project Governance
Scope of Activities
Project Management Strategy
Project Team

Part 2: Project Management
Project Schedule
Project Costs and Financial Analysis
Quality Control and Performance Measures
Risk Assessment
Support Plans
Related Plans and Documents
Project Administration
Terms and Conditions

Appendix A: Summary WBS and Schedule
Appendix B: Financial Analysis
Appendix C: Risk Assessment
Appendix D: Conceptual Design

Part 1: Project Governance
Moises Alcala CEO of NexGen Development, inc. has discovered the need for a new high-speed color printer to meet...

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