The Big Fancy Photography Book

The Big Fancy Photography Book

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A book , In particular a big fancy photography book.

I will see what kind of trees make the fancy glossy paper, and about how much wood it takes to make it.

Trees are planted and grown specifically to make paper. Trees that are cut down for paper production do not come from our favorite park or wilderness area.

Most trees used for paper come from forests called managed timberlands. Even though the trees in these timberlands may look like "woods," they are an agricultural crop - like vegetables on a farm. The trees are grown to be made into products for human use. Not using paper in order to save trees is like not eating salad in order to "save" vegetables.

More trees are planted every year than are cut down. This is due in most part to the success of managed timberlands. Whenever trees are harvested, more trees are planted to take their place. Timberlands can be managed to produce trees and forest products forever.

More trees are destroyed by fire and insects than are cut down to make paper. And, on an average, when a tree is harvested for making paper, five more are planted in its place.

It might be true that leaving forests totally alone is more "natural," but it may not be more beneficial or practical. Land is either owned by governments, companies, or individuals. When companies and individuals own land, they need to put it to some use to help pay for it.
Growing managed timberlands allows people to use land in a way which preserves trees. The only other way to keep the land green with trees is for government-type agencies to buy the land and maintain it as a park or wilderness area. This approach costs taxpayers money, and is often not an option because of the difficulties in acquiring the land and settling the political issues involved.
All in all, wise use of forests and the products which come from them is good for people and for trees too.
Forests grow in all areas of the U.S. If these trees were all put together limb to limb, they...

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