The Biography of Cleopatra

The Biography of Cleopatra

Cleopatra was born in 69 B.C in Alexandria Egypt, at this time her father Ptolemy XII was the pharaoh. Cleopatra had two older sisters Bernice Cleopatra VI a younger sister arsinoe and two younger brothers both named Ptolemy .allthough the family ruled Egypt
They were really Macedonian.

Her father was week and cruel ruler and the people in Alexandria rebelled and over threw him he fled to Rome, while his oldest daughter Bernice looks the throne. At some point during baronies three year rein Cleopatra VI of unknown causes. In 55 B.C her father Ptolemy XII reclaimed his throne with the help of roman general pamper Bernice was beheaded.

Cleopatra VII was now the pharaoh’s oldest child. When her farther died in 51 B.C leaving children in pompeys care. Cleopatra VII and her brother Ptolemy XIII inherited the throne

Cleopatra was 17/18 when she became queen of Egypt. She was the only pharaoh who could actually speak Egyptian. Cleopatra married her brother Ptolemy XIII who was about twelve at the time he was pharaoh for name only for three years he remained in the background while Cleopatra ruled. Ptolemy was jealous of her power. In 48 B.C he stripped Cleopatra of her power and forced her to Syria

Determined to regain her throne amassed an army on Egypt’s border. At that time pompey was fighting with Julius Caesar for control of the roman empire. After losing the battle of parasols he sailed to Alexandria, pursued by Caesar, to seek Ptolemy, protection. Ptolemy advisors thought it would be safer to side with Caesar ,and when pompey arrived he was stabbed to death while the pharaoh watched.

Three days later before Caesar entered Alexandria he was given the gift of Pompey’s head. Pompey and Caesar had once been friends, Caesar was horrifed by his cruel murder he marched in to the city seized control of the palace and begun issuing orders.both Ptolemy and Cleopatra were to dismiss there armys and meet with Caesar who would settle their argument....

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